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Power Bank PB100

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    Cudy PB100 Mobile Power

    Faster charging

    Lithium polymer battery, safe and durable


    Dual USB Output

    The Cudy PB100 mobile power supply (10000mAh) uses 

    two USB interfaces for output. Not only provide a

    more precise control, but also ensures that both

    interfaces have enough power to charge the smart device.


    Up to 18W high power input

    Greatly reduce the time spent by 5V2A up to 18W high power input.


    Process Upgrade

    In order to achieve a better appearance quality, we use PC+ABS plastic environmentally friendly materials, the outer shell is made of matte finish, supplemented by a gradient etch effect, which makes the appearance elegant. Effectively increases the grip, non-slip and scratch resistant.


    Lithium Polymer Battery

    Cudy PB100 mobile power (10000mAh) uses high-quality lithium polymer batteries to provide

    long-lasting and reliable battery life for mobile phones, tablets, digital cameras and other devices,

    compatible with mainstream mobile phones and tablets on the market.



    High Quality Chip, Multiple Protection

    Using high-precision resistance-capacitance devices, advanced circuit chips are not only safe, but

    also can effectively improve conversion rate, stabilize discharge voltage, and provide multiple circuit

    protection. It can easily handle overcharging regardless of charging, discharging or standby.

    Over-discharge, high temperature, short circuit and other abnormal conditions, to provide users with

    peace of mind power supply protection, and improve overall charge and discharge efficiency.


    Temperature protection

    A thermistor and temperature control mechanism have been added to ensure that the lithium battery operates within a safe temperature range.


    Input overvoltage protection

    Prevent input voltage by processing OVP circuit Too high to avoid damage to the back end circuitry.


    Output overvoltage protection

    Smart timely detection of output voltage, when output voltage When the upper limit is exceeded, the output is actively turned off and protected. Charging equipment.


    Short circuit protection

    Automatic protection during abnormal short circuits to prevent the motherboard and The battery is damaged.


    Input anti-reverse protection

    When the data line Micro USB port is reverse plugged, The road will automatically interrupt the work and protect the charging device.


    Battery overcharge and over discharge protection

    Battery-free overcharge and overdischarge to prevent damage to the battery.


    Reset protection

    Join the circuit processing of Reset when an exception occurs When the condition causes the product to not work properly, it can pass Press the power check button to resume normal operation.


    Output overcurrent protection

    Intelligently detects the output current when the output current When the upper limit is exceeded, the output is actively turned off and protected. Charging equipment.


    Hardware level battery overcurrent short circuit protection

    Pure hardware detects battery overcurrent short circuit condition, fast Respond, block the battery loop, effectively protect the battery Safety.

● Cell: Polymer core
● Capacity: 10000mAh
● Input: DC5V 2A 
● Output: DC5V 2A
● Net Weight: 195g
● Size: 90*62*22.5mm
● color: Black、White